An American in France

Want to get a glimpse into real French life? Here, I will give periodic updates and musings on my life in France!

Ah, an American in France! What could be more delightful?

The Weather in Normandy Normandy is a wonderful place to live. But you have to be pretty generous and open-minded with the weather.

Noirmoutier in October It's October, and I'm spending a week or two in Noirmoutier. The weather has inspired musings on my visits to Noirmoutier, a very special island off the Altantic coast of France.

Thanksgiving in France Well, it's Thanksgiving in the US, but what about here in France? How to celebrate that venerated US holiday here in France? Well, it's not always easy - there are certainly some unique challenges to preparing that perfect Thanksgiving feast in France!

Christmas in France It's Christmas! There are many variations on Christmas themes that are noticeable from one country to the next. France has its share of odd ones. Read about my Christmas here!

Christmas in France - Part Deux Christmas - Part Deux is about our Christmas trip to Disneyland in Paris. We're excited to see the wonderful Christmas decorations Disney has and enjoy a little family merry-making.

New Year Traditions in France With the coming of the New Year, each one of us takes stock of the past year and decides what to do to make the next one a little better. Here is how the French do it!

My New Year's Eve trip to Vouvray - Read about my New Year's Eve weekend trip to Vouvray in the Loire River Valley. 

Part 2 of my New Year's trip to Vouvray - Read about some of the wonderful places of interest that we visited on this trip.

French Urban Legends- let's have a look at some of those myths and see how much truth is behind them.

French Urban Legends, Part Deux- These are a few more of the oddities you’ll run across once you set foot in France.

An Afternoon at the Spa- Read about my "arduous" research of the local spa here and the musings in my head during my treatment.

The French-British Relationship - Read about the "frenemy" relationship these two neighboring countries have for each other.

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