Eating in France

Eat Well Without Spending 50% of Your Vacation Budget on Food!

French food is ranked among the best in the world. And eating in France can be fun, but a challenge. Here's some help in making sure you get the best you can for your budget!

If there's one thing the French know how to do, it's eat, and eat well. Mealtimes are of the utmost importance to the French of every echelon of society, from factory workers to the President.

Average time alloted to planning, shopping, preparing, serving and finally eating food is most likely the highest per capita on the planet.

Strangely enough, you would think that this would be obvious to the naked eye - lots of very rotund people waddling in and out of cafés and pastry shops. However, this is so far from the truth that the subject deserves special attention.

I personally think that the biggest difference between the average American and the average French person revolves around this one point - how much time do you spend on your meals?

Our goal here is to help you understand meals in France, in order to be better armed to choose the place for you - street food, a café, a bistro/brasserie, a restaurant, or maybe a creperie.

We can help you decipher a French menu...

Or even to help you prepare something French if you have access to kitchen facilities during your stay in France.

It's worth mentioning that cooking à la française isn't as tough as you'd think, and that even simple ingredients can add up to something tasty. See my French Cuisine page.

It's more of a mind set, so choose a topic and read on.

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