The Adventures of a Ship’s Cat in WWII

By Diane Condon-Boutier

Diane's new children's book, Spooky:  The Adventures of a Ship's Cat in WWII", is a historical fiction, written from the perspective of a courageous cat.

Spooky is a cat, but not just an ordinary cat. She’s a cat who goes to war in support of her soldier friends during the Allied Raid on Dieppe, August 19th, 1942. The only female to actively participate in Operation Jubilee which lays the groundwork for D-Day, Spooky finds herself in terribly dangerous circumstances. But this courageous little cat shows how even the smallest member of a team can help out in times of war.

You can purchase the book in a paperback version at Amazon.  

Diane was interviewed about her newest book for Normandy TV.  Watch the video here.

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