"La Vesle" River

by Patrick Ober
(Ver Sur Mer , Normandy)

August 1918 WWI .
In FISMES a town near Reims (east of Paris)

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Aug 20, 2018
The Vesles River
by: Diane

This photo refers to a battle which lasted over a month around August 1918 in WWI. Ten or so American soldiers crossed the river while being heavily fired upon by German soldiers. One guy sees his buddy struggling and being left behind the group. He cannot abandon his friend, so he re-crosses the river to retrieve his friend. A third American holding a gun provides cover fire while the 2 are crossing together. He snipes 7 enemy soldiers in only 7 minutes. The following day that third sniper guy finally succumbs to the gas attack which this group had been undergoing for the previous month. These Americans, appearing in one of the photos, were from Pennsylvania and that's why the State of Pennsylvania rebuilt this bridge.
Thanks for this Patrick!

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